Capacity building

ISAR and its secretariat contribute to capacity building in corporate reporting through action-oriented publications and technical cooperation projects.

Financial inclusion

UNCTAD seeks to improve financial inclusion and financial literacy in developing economies, and as such has established a project on accounting standards and insurance coverage for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This project provides technical assistance to policymakers and SMEs in developing countries in the design and implementation of accounting, reporting and insurance policies. Starting in January 2015 and concluding in December 2017, the project’s beneficiary countries were Cameroon, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, the Gambia and Tanzania. Regional partners include the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the African Union, the Group of Latin American Accounting Standard Setters,  the Association of Latin American Insurance Regulators, and EAFIT University.


Professional qualification requirements for accountants

One objective of ISAR is to strengthen the accountancy profession worldwide in order to create a global profession capable of offering its services across borders. As such, ISAR sought to develop a benchmark for the qualification of professional accountants that would establish a point of reference for national qualifications and help holders of those qualifications to function in a global economy. A model curriculum of the Guideline on National Requirements for the Qualification of Professional Accountants was first adopted in February 1999. A revised version was submitted and adopted at ISAR 20.