ISAR membership

ISAR allows for 34 formal members to serve three-year terms. These members include nine African, seven Asian, six Latin American, three Eastern European, and nine Western European and Other States. While sessions are open to all member and observer States of UNCTAD, ISAR is seeking to strengthen the role of formal group members in the ISAR agenda-setting process.

Formal members of ISAR would be given a priority role and support to participate in ISAR annual sessions, consultative group and ad hoc meetings, workshops and training events upon funding availability. It is UNCTAD’s intention to schedule at least one virtual meeting with formal members within the intersessional period of ISAR, so that members can provide inputs in the preparations of the annual ISAR session, the direction of its activities, and ways to enhance its outreach.

A special meeting of formal members is conducted during its annual sessions to facilitate discussions on key issues to be addressed in ISAR sessions. Note that ISAR membership carries no financial obligation of the part of member countries or UNCTAD.

ISAR’s current members are Belarus, Benin, Brazil, Cameroon, China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Philippines, Russian Federation, Uganda and Ukraine.

The ISAR secretariat welcomes applications for membership from countries interested in contributing to the global conversation on corporate governance and reporting. Note that all member countries of the United Nations are able to send representatives to ISAR sessions, and that ISAR membership carries no financial obligations.