Amaro Luiz de Oliveira Gomes

Chair, Emerging Economies Group
International Accounting Standards Board

Mr. Amaro Luiz De Oliveira Gomes is a Board Member of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) since 1 July 2009.

Before joining the IASB, Mr. Gomes was the Head of the Financial System
Regulation Department of the Central Bank of Brazil, representing the Bank and actively
participating in many international forums and working groups.
Mr. Gomes has played a leading role in the implementation of best international
regulatory recommendations and practices in the Brazilian financial system, and also
in the development of widely acknowledged regulation in the microfinance and
consumer rights areas. As for the adoption of IFRS in in Brazil, he oversaw the
introduction of IFRS for regulated financial institutions and served as an advisor to
the Central Bank own adoption of IFRS. He was the Central Bank of Brazil member
representative at the Accounting Task Force of the Basel Committee on Banking
Supervision, and has also served as the Bank’s representative to ISAR.

Before joining the Central Bank of Brazil, Mr. Gomes had an extensive experience in
auditing financial institutions and pension funds. He holds a Bachelor in Accounting from the
Universidade de Brasilia (Brazil) and obtained his Masters in Accounting and
Finance from Lancaster University (UK), in 1998.