Tetiana Iefymenko

President, Academy of Financial Management
Ministry of Finance, Ukraine

Tetiana Iefymenko, Doctor of economic sciences, is a Professor and Corresponding Member of the
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. She represents the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine as the
President of the State Educational and Scientific Institution «Academy of Financial Management»,
and is a member of the Methodological Council for Accounting, and the Co-Head of the Council of
the International Financial Reporting Standards, under the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

As a former Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine and public administration top manager, and an
internationally recognized official (former ISAR Vice-Chair), Ms. Iefymenko performed a ‘Strategy of implementation of international financial reporting standards in Ukraine” in 2008 and the Tax Code of Ukraine in 2010. Currently, Ms. Iefymenko concentrates on professional efforts over scientific support for implementation of the Strategy for Public Finance System Development in Ukraine.