Member States interested in formal membership should refer to the Q&A below:

How can a member State apply for membership in ISAR?

Interested member States are requested to contact their Permanent Mission in New York or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their capital and request them to submit the candidacy for election to ISAR. The letter requesting membership needs to be addressed to the ECOSOC secretariat in New York, with copy to the ISAR secretariat in Geneva. Applications may also be made through the Chair of the applicable regional group for the month, listed in the United Nations Journal.

Does the application need information on the designated expert?

It not necessary to delegate the expert that will represent the country in its formal membership with the application. This information can be communicated after the election in the form of a note verbale to the ISAR secretariat in Geneva.

How can one obtain additional information or guidance on ISAR and its application process?

The ISAR secretariat in Geneva remains available to provide up-to-date information on the relevant contacts for ISAR membership application, as well as additional information about ISAR’s impact and agenda.

What are my contacts during the application process?

Focal Points:


  • Ms. Jori Joergensen
  • Intergovernmental Affairs Officer, ECOSOC Affairs Branch
  • Department for General Assembly and Conference Management
  • United Nations – New York
  • Email:


  • Ms. Isabel Garza Rodriguez
  • Accounting and Corporate Governance Section, Enterprise Branch
  • Division on Investment and Enterprise
  • UNCTAD – Geneva
  • Email:


Step 1. Contact the Elections Officer in the Permanent Mission of your country in New York (Refer: or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital and request to submit a candidacy letter for election as a Member of ISAR.

Step 2. For officially placing on record candidatures for vacant positions with the ECOSOC Secretariat, and thus be included in the list of candidates for vacancies circulated for ECOSOC elections, is for delegations (unendorsed) or Chairs of regional groups (endorsed) to send a correspondence addressed to the Secretary of the Council. The correspondence aims at presenting the candidature for vacancies, clearly indicating both the body (ISAR) and term of office that they would like to be considered for (usually three years from election). The Regional Group Chair endorsement is not required, however endorsement is common practice.
For 2017/2018 Nominations or endorsements of nominations, the correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary of the Council, Ms. Emer Herity.

Step 3. If submitting the candidacy through the Chair of Regional Groups (endorsed), the Chair is requested to submit the country candidacy to ECOSOC for consideration during formal ISAR membership elections. It would be advisable for the respective Election Officer in the Permanent Mission in New York to confirm with the regional group Chair that the country’s application was submitted. The membership application letter needs to be addressed to the Chair of the relevant Regional Group for the month. This information can be found in the UN Journal:

Step 4. Provide a copy of the application to the ECOSOC and UNCTAD focal points.

Step 5. The ISAR membership elections will take place during ECOSOC’s Coordination and Management Meeting usually scheduled in spring every year. The deadline for applications to be received by ECOSOC to be considered for election is end March. Should applications be received in the inter-electional period they can be considered on an ad hoc basis. Inform the UNCTAD focal point of any inter-electional application for follow up with ECOSOC.

Step 6. The delegation of the expert who will represent the country in the ISAR formal membership is taken after a country is elected and should be communicated in the form of a note verbale to the UNCTAD-ISAR programme in Geneva.