During UNCTAD’s 10th quadrennial conference (Bangkok, February 2000), Member States called on ISAR to promote increased corporate transparency, including improved corporate governance disclosure. Since that time, market developments have highlighted the crucial importance of quality corporate disclosure for building investor confidence and attracting new investment. The aim of UNCTAD’s work in this area is to assist developing countries and countries with economies in transition to improve their ability to attract investment capital by improving their enterprises’ communications with stakeholders. UNCTAD works toward this aim by identifying and promoting good practices in corporate governance disclosure.

In 2006, UNCTAD published a Guidance on Good Practices in Corporate Governance Disclosure, a benchmark document in reviews of corporate governance disclosure standards. In 2006, 2007 and 2008, ISAR examined the reporting and compliance practices of enterprises in over 70 economies around the world. ISAR’s earlier work on corporate governance has also developed country case studies, including the 2003 reports Selected Issues in Corporate Governance: Regional and Country Experiences and Major Issues on Implementation of Corporate Governance Disclosure Requirements.

In partnership with member states, academic institutions, and enterprises, the UNCTAD secretariat is promoting the development of good practices in corporate governance disclosure through high level summits, technical workshops and research projects focused on corporate reporting.