ISAR 35th Session: 2018 Honourees

Recipient of UNCTAD ISAR Honours 2018: World Business Council for Sustainable Development, in partnership with Climate Standards Disclosure Board and Ecodesk
Presented by: Andrew Staines, Chair of the ISAR 35th session

“We are thrilled to be recognized for this collaborative project that supports the meaningful integration of ESG information into companies’ reporting cycles and processes. It’s a testament to the hard work the team and partners have carried out, and the role that reporting can and does play in building a more sustainable future “.

Rodney Irwin, Managing Director of WBCSD’s Redefining Value program

Recipient of UNCTAD ISAR Honours 2018: FSR – Danish Auditors
Presented by: David Szafran, Chair of the 30th session

“The aim of the ISAR Honours to support efforts on enhancing the quality of companies’ reporting on their contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an effort that FSR – Danish Auditors share, and the reason why are participating in the initiative. Denmark has a long history of corporate sustainability reporting and although many companies do well, our analysis shows overall that the robustness and reliability of the sustainability reporting is still not good enough. Through our awards we wish to push and showcase what good reporting looks like for the benefit of other companies, providers of financial capital and society at large. Brining this to scale and discussing this at international level is very encouraging for us”.

Ms. Pernille Risgaard, Project Leader,FSR – Danish Auditors
Ms. Birgitte Mogensen, Chair, CSR committee, FSR – Danish Auditors

Recipient of UNCTAD ISAR Honours 2018: Aviva, World Benchmarking Alliance
Presented by: David Gichana, Chair of the ISAR 34th session

Recipient of UNCTAD ISAR Honours 2018: B3 Accounting
Presented by: Arman Bekturova, Vice-Chair of the 35th ISAR session

“We consider this ISAR Honours recognition very relevant to the development agenda of the Brazilian market and our clients, listed companies and investors. This demonstrates that we work to enable and connect the private sector practices to sustainability and the SDGs, especially.”

Sonia Aparecida Consiglio Favaretto, Director, B3, Brazil

Recipient of UNCTAD ISAR Honours 2018: Ministry for Economy and Finance, France and Ministry for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, Sweden
Presented by: Ewald Muller, Chair of the 31st session

“It was obvious for both countries to apply together to “ISAR Honours 2018”, as a recognition of the work already performed, and as a powerful means to increase our outreach to public and private stakeholders and convince them to go green”.

Ms Odile RENAUD-BASSO, General Director of the French Treasury

Recipient of UNCTAD ISAR Honours 2018: Per Bolund, Minister of Financial Markets, Sweden

Recipient of UNCTAD ISAR Honours 2018: UK Green Finance Taskforce
Presented by: Vanya Maria da Costa Borgerth, Chair of the 32nd ISAR session