Selection criteria for ISAR Honours

  1. How does the initiative encourage efforts towards consolidation and harmonization among existing reporting frameworks and/or contribute to consensus-building among the main reporting stakeholders at the national, regional and/or international level?
  2. How does the initiative contribute to better quality of sustainability reporting, consistency of financial and non-financial information and/or facilitate integration of sustainability information into companies’ reporting cycle?
  3. How does the initiative help to collect useful and reliable data at a national, regional and/or international level to report on the private sector contribution towards the implementation of the SDGs and/ or report on SDG indicator 12.6.1 Number of companies publishing sustainability reports?
  4. How does the initiative contribute to advancing knowledge and building capacity in sustainability/ESG/SDG reporting in the country?
  5. How does this initiative have a measurable/proven impact on regulatory and institutional foundations for accounting and reporting at a national level?