1. The call for nominations is issued by UNCTAD through the ISAR network and other means of outreach to the potential candidates.
  2. Eligible and interested counterparts submit the application online.
  3. The UNCTAD secretariat conducts an initial screening of the nominations to ensure that the templates are properly filled, and that a supporting evidence is provided where required.
  4. The UNCTAD secretariat establishes a Review Committee consisting of several distinguished international experts in the area of sustainability reporting and SDGs. All application forms that are clear, complete and reflect the subject matter as well as meet the eligibility criteria are submitted to the Review Committee. The Committee advises UNCTAD on the selection of top-rated initiatives as recipients of the ISAR Honours.
  5. UNCTAD reviews the final results suggested by the Review Committee and requests top selected applicants to prepare a short video for presenting their initiatives at the ISAR session. The ISAR Honours are announced publicly at the ISAR session on an annual basis. Recipients of ISAR Honours are provided with an opportunity to present their initiative to the ISAR delegates in a dedicated ceremony.
Important note: The ISAR Honours does not endorse any specific initiative or organization.