Integrated Reporting and Assurance Partner

Alan is a partner in PwC and leads on Integrated Reporting and assurance as well as being the Global Sustainability Reporting & Assurance leader. He has experience of working with companies to help them understand and measure the broader impacts associated with their business and the multiple capital world that they operate in and has extensive experience in working with companies on their Integrated Reporting journeys.

Alan also sits on the IAASB project Emerging External Reporting (EER) that is looking at establishing approaches to how measurement and reporting in this space can be established. He has been instrumental in developing the Total Impact Measurement and Management (TIMM) offering within PwC, which is a way in which companies can explain their impacts across multiple capitals. Alan has also got extensive experience in helping companies understand who their key stakeholders are as well as the issues that affect them.

Alan also is the Senior Partner in the UK who runs the Building Public Trust Awards programme, which has been running for 16 years now, looking at how companies through their reporting can look to build trust and rebuild the relationship between corporates and broader stakeholder groups.