Board Member
International Accounting Standards Board

Mr. Amaro Luiz De Oliveira Gomes, Brazilian-British citizen (55), is a Board Member
with the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) since 1st. July 2009. At the
IASB he is the Chair of the Emerging Economies Group (EEG) and actively
participates in IFRS adoption efforts, overseeing countries in Latin America.
Before joining the IASB, Mr. Gomes was the Head of the Financial System
Regulation Department at the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB). With an in-depth
knowledge of financial sector regulation, Mr. Gomes has had various roles and
responsibilities while at the BCB, from 1992 until 2009, representing the Bank and
participating in various international regulatory forums and working groups.
At the BCB, Mr. Gomes was responsible for drafting regulation related to financial
products (e.g. derivatives and mortgages), microfinance (access to banking services
and products by micro-, small-, and medium-size entities and individuals), consumer
rights in the banking sector (banking fees, information transparency), regulatory
capital requirements (implementation of Basel Committee recommendations),
adoption of international standards and best practices and recommendations in
prudential regulation (25 Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision), market
integration (Mercosur), accounting (International Financial Reporting Standards –
IFRS) and auditing (International Auditing Standards – IAS).
Mr. Gomes played a leading role in the implementation of best international
regulatory recommendations and practices in the Brazilian financial system, and also
in the development of widely acknowledged regulation in the microfinance and
consumer rights areas. As for the adoption of IFRS in Brazil, he oversaw the
introduction of IFRS for regulated financial institutions and served as an advisor to
the BCB’s own adoption of IFRS.
Mr. Gomes also represented the BCB in the two bodies devoted to IFRS adoption in
Brazil — the Brazilian Accounting Pronouncements Committee (Comite de
Pronunciamentos Contabeis – CPC) and the Steering Committee for Accounting
Convergence–Brazil (Comite Gestor da Convergencia no Brasil) under the auspices
of the Brazilian Federal Accounting Council (Conselho Federal de Contabilidade).
Mr. Gomes was significantly involved in efforts aimed at international regulatory
cooperation. He was the Central Bank’s representative at the Accounting Task
Force of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, from 2004 until joining the
IASB in 2009, and at the MERCOSUR Sub-Group IV – Financial Services
Integration, coordinating the Commission on Financial Services and the Sub-
Commission on Accounting Issues, from 1999 until 2009. In addition, from 1999 to
2003 he was the Central Bank’s representative in the Intergovernmental Working
Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR), at
From 2007 until joining the IASB in 2009, Mr. Gomes was the representative of the
Association of Banking Supervisors of the Americas (ASBA) in the Policy
Development Group, also under the auspices of the Basel Committee on Banking
Before joining the Central Bank of Brazil, Mr. Gomes had an extensive experience in
auditing financial institutions and pension funds, while with
Pricewaterhousecoopers, from 1986 until 1992. He holds a Bachelor in Accounting
from the Universidade de Brasilia (Brazil) and obtained his Masters in Accounting
and Finance from Lancaster University (UK), in 1998.