Founder & Advisor
RBI-Responsible Business Initiative

Ambreen Waheed is the Founder & Advisor of Responsible Business Initiative.  Globally recognized for pioneering work in Responsible Entrepreneurship and Workplace integrity, she has been present on governance bodies of GRI-Global Reporting Initiative, APRSCP-Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption & Production, UN Global Compact, CSR expert committees UNCTAD-ISAR and AccountabilitySES. Co-founded Asia-Pacific CSR Center group, SAFoRB-South Asia Forum on Responsible Business & GRLI-Globally Responsible Leaders Initiative.  Ms.Waheed has taught at ESSEC France, University of Michigan and the Wharton Business School USA.  She has authored Pakistan’s first CSR status review (2005) and “Responsible Business Guide: a toolkit for winning companies (2010) ” and contributed to many international publications and textbooks on Anti-Corruption, Peace, Ethics, fair trade, Risk Mitigation, stakeholder involvement, Open Innovation.