Advisor, Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics- IBGE

Bachelor degree in Geography (1990), expert in Environmental Planning (Watershed Management) (1992), master (1998) and doctor (2003) in Geoscience (Environmental Geochemistry) (UFF). Project manager at Coordination of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies in IBGE, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, coordinating the production of Brazilian Sustainable Development Indicators (2011-2017). Member of Expert Group on Environment Statistics (EGES) of the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) (2012-2017). Member of Environmental Indicators Group of Latin America and Caribbean Initiative for Sustainable Development (ILAC) (2012-2017). Professor of ‘Environmental Indicators and Sustainable Development’, at post-graduation course on Environmental Analysis and Territory Management, at National School of Statistics Science (ENCE/IBGE) (2002 onwards). Assistant of the IBGE’s President to coordination of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – SDG Indicators. Member of IAEG-SDGs – Inter-agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (United Nations). Author of the book “Local Sustainable Development: a practical approach” (Senac Publishing Company).