Mr. Hernán Casinelli serves as the Chair of the Accounting, Auditing, and Assurance Standards Board of the FACPCE, the Accountancy body profession in Argentina.

Mr. Casinelli is a representative member of the FACPCE in the IASB’s Emerging Economies Group (EEG), and he is a member of the technical advisory group of the Group of Latin American Accounting Standard-setters (GLASS), having conducted several GLASS’ technical working groups over the last ten years. Mr. Casinelli is also a member of the Reference Group of the IAASB for the “Audit for LSEs project”.

Mr. Casinelli is a former member of the IASB’s SME Implementation Group (2010 – 2016) and played a key role in the adoption processes of the IFRS for SME Accounting Standard and the IFRS Accounting Standards in several Latin American countries.

In his own practice, Mr. Casinelli spent his time as a consultant on IFRS Accounting Standards matters.

He combines his professional career and his standard-setting activities with a large academic activity. Since 2013, he has served as a director of the IFRS Certificate Program at the Universidad Austral, a partner in learning of ICAEW in Argentina, the best-ranked non-governmental University in Argentina, and one of the best-ranked in Latin America.