Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountancy International

Ian Ball is Chairman of CIPFA International and a Principal Advisor at the International Federation of Accountants. Mr. Ball has extensive experience in designing and managing public sector financial systems and implementing public sector financial reforms.

Mr. Ball served as IFAC’s Chief Executive Officer from 2002 until March 2013. In this role,
Mr. Ball was responsible for developing and managing the execution of IFAC’s strategy. He led a
staff of professionals who support independent standard-setting boards in the areas of auditing
and assurance, ethics, accounting education, and public sector financial reporting. At IFAC he
was also involved in developing guidance and in delivering a range of other programs to support
professional accountants worldwide in providing high-quality service to their clients or employers.

Mr. Ball is also a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, where he served
as a member of the Council, the Executive Board and the Financial Reporting Standards Board,
and of CPA Australia. He has degrees in accounting from Victoria University of Wellington and a
PhD from the University of Birmingham, England.