Group of Latin American Standard Setters

CPA and Specialist in Financial Administration (University of Cuyo -Argentina)

Standards setters of Accounting and Auditing Standards of Argentina:
General Director (2002/2020) and Member of the commissions for the adoption of IFRS and Argentinian GAAP in listed Entities, in Banks and others.

GLENIF – GLASS (Group of Latin-American Accounting Standard Setters)
Actual president. He was vice president, director and advisor. Representative in various international organizations.

Member of the Spanish Translation Review Committee.
He was member of:

  • EEG (Emerging Economies Group),
  • SMEIG (IFRS SMEs implementation group)
  • Representative of Argentina in the WSS (World standards setters)

Panelist about IRFS:
In many Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Venezuela).

IFRS consultant for College of Public Accountants of Costa Rica and College of Public Accountants of Uruguay

World Bank: IFRS Consultant, for:

  • ROSC – Bolivia;
  • Contaduría General de la Nación, Colombia;
  • IFRS Implementation in the Health Sector, Colombia.
  • ROSC Report 1st part – Colombia.
  • ROSC Report 2nd part – Colombia.
  • IFRS Diagnosis in Peru – Peru
  • Training in IFRS for SMEs – Peru

Government of Colombia Consultant in adoption of IFRS, for:

  • Ministry of Finance and Public Credit
  • Superintendency of Companies.

Companies and others
Consulting and training in more than 110 companies in Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia.
Training for the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.

Consulting and training in universities of Argentina and Latin America.
Professor at Argentine and Latin American universities.
Member of university work commissions.
Author of books and technical papers on IFRS and Argentine Accounting Standards
Author of book: “Deferred tax – IAS 12”.
Numerous articles published in Argentina and other Latin American countries.