Under-Secretary of Government Accounting of the Ministry of Finances.

Financial Consultant with experience in projects financed with international resources from the Interamerican Development Bank and the World Bank. Specialist in budgetary, accounting and treasury systems. Expert in design and implantation of integrated systems of financial management, in conceptual aspects of the System of Financial Administration of the Public Sector in Ecuador and in the operative use of the “eSIGEF”, with active participation in the current Normative of the Organic Code of Planification and Public Finances and in the development of processes of financial execution of public resources.

Instructor in the courses about the eSIGEF dictated for the Entities of the General State Budget and implementer of the system for several Entities.

Economist of the “Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador”.

Courses of Financial Programation, Planification, Public Budget, Public Administration, among others.