Marco Grossi is a Director in the Financial Services Audit and Advisory Compentency. He has over 16 years of audit, advisory and consulting experience in financial services, especially in Treasury and Investment Banking. He has gained extensive executive and management experience as a former CFO of Lehman Brothers Finance Switzerland. Marco holds a Master in Economics from the University of Basel (lic.rer.pol.) and a Swiss CPA.

As from 2016 he his member of the Deloitte Blockchain Assurance Team and part of Gobal Deloitte Blockchain Community covering Accounting, Audit and Assurance. He is leading Blockchain Assurance and –Audit in Switzerland and is part of major Global activities around Blockchain Technology.


– Leading Deloitte Blockchain Assurance Switzerland and part of Global efforts around Blockchain and Audit/Assurance


– Expert in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, mainly Audit and Assurance and Business modelling/Process aligment old/new world

– ICO advisors

– Deloitte Treasury Specialist

Experience outside Deloitte:

– Worked for a Swiss Crypto Exchange and Security trader in Switzerland

– Investment Banking: CFO Lehman Brothers Switzerlnd

– Audit and Advisors in Financial Services and Big Corporates


Swiss CPA and Master in Economics