Global Director Policy Engagement

Pietro Bertazzi engaged and shaped responsible business policy and regulation for more than a decade, focussing on human rights, climate and sustainable development. He currently leads Policy engagement at CDP, boosting ambition and accelerating action on climate, water and forests. Prior to CDP, Pietro worked at GRI, fostering corporate sustainability and transparency in national policies worldwide, as well as major regional and global inter-governmental processes such as the Rio+20 Conference and the adoption of the EU directive on Disclosure of Non-Financial Information. He is a proud architect of the Business Engagement in the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, he co-authored the SDG Compass and shaped and lead the UN Global Compact and GRI’s Business Reporting on SDGs Action Platform.

Pietro grew up in the South of Italy and lived in Rome, Strasbourg, Milano, Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam. He graduated in Public European and International Law at LUISS University in Rome, Italy. He holds a Master in Management and Governance of Non Profit (LUISS University), a Master in Corporate Citizenship (Fondaca, Sant’Anna di Pisa, Boston College) and a Master in Economics and Management of Environment and Energy (Bocconi University).