Deputy Minister of Finance

She has 43 years of experience, 19 of which are in the civil service. In the 1980s, worked as a commodity inspector. Deputy director of a number of commercial enterprises (1980s). Director of the Department of Monitoring of Payment Administration at the Ministry of Finance (during 1999 – 2010). Led the Information Exchange and Analysis Management Office in the Ministry 92014-2015). Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Tax and Customs Policy (2017-end of March 2020). Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine (March 25th, 2020). Ms Vorobei has several awards, including the Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (February 24th, 2010), Official Letter of Gratitude issued by the Prime Minister of Ukraine (May 29th, 2009) and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Certificate of honour (March 03rd, 2009).