Board Member
International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants

Vania Borgerth is a Board Member of International Ethics Standards Board for Accounting (IESBA), SHIFT Project and International Foundation for Valuing Impacts (IFVI) and a representative of CFC – the Brazilian Federation of Accountants. She represents the Brazilian Institute for Corporate Governance (IBGC) at the Integrated Reporting and Connectivity Council – IRCC (former IIRC), and is a Member of the Expert Panel of Accounting for Sustainability – A4S.

Mrs. Borgerth is the Head of CBARI – the Brazilian Network for Integrated Reporting, a Commissioner at CBPS (Brazilian Committee for Sustainability Pronouncements) and an Audit Committee Member at Banco Santander Brazil.

She is a former executive at BNDES (The Brazilian Development Bank) and an active attendee of UNCTAD’s ISAR since 2007 (Chair of 32nd session).