CEO/Vice President
Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Russia (CPA,RUSSIA)

President of The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Russia (CPARUSSIA)
Vise president of CPA Russia Membership association
Chair of Eurasian Institutes of Certified Public Accountants Association (EICPAs)
Board Member of «Accountancy Eurasia» – Eurasian Regional Group of Accountants and Auditors (ERGAA)

Degree in Accounting and audit. Vladimir has been worked for more than 17 years in managing PAO development and capacity building programs. He coordinates the Eurasian Regional Initiative on Corporate Accountability (EUARICA) and overseas IPSAS monitoring committee in EICPA regional grouping.

Currently, his professional efforts are focused on improving financial reporting and management of corporate and public finances in the Eurasian countries and building PAOs’ capacity. Bringing together professional accounting organizations, policymakers and regulators from the Eurasian region to discuss ways to facilitate and promote the adoption and implementation of high-quality internationally recognized professional standards for accounting.