Deputy Director-General
Accounting Regulatory Department, Ministry of Finance, China 

Mr. Dong Wang graduated from Shandong Economic University in 2003 and is currently the Deputy Director-General of the Accounting Department of MoF China. Mr. Wang is responsible for work related to sustainability disclosure standards, management accounting, accounting informationization, and CPA industry supervision. Once served in the Bureau of Supervision and Evaluation of MoF China, Mr. Wang has nearly 20 years of working experience in finance. He leads the work of providing feedback to the two exposure drafts issued by ISSB and developing a work agenda on sustainability-related issues. To support ISSB to set the global baseline for sustainability disclosure, Mr. Wang joined the preparatory working group of Sustainability Standards Advisory Forum (SSAF) in February 2022 and joined the Jurisdictional Working Group in May 2022, both organized by the IFRS.