The list of 2018 Honourees

Category for national Initiatives:

✓ FSR-Danish Auditors, Denmark

✓ B3 Accounting, Brazil

✓ Ministry for Economy and Finance, France / Ministry for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, Sweden

✓ Green Finance Taskforce, UK

✓ Professor Carol Adams, Durham University Business School, UK

Category for international Initiatives:

✓ World Business Council for Sustainable Development

✓ Aviva / World Benchmarking Alliance

ISAR Honours also acknowledged other applications for the pilot edition of ISAR Honours, including:

●Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business from Pakistan for the initiative of Encouraging transformation towards the conduct of responsible business and private sector growth for inclusive development, poverty reduction and sustainability by following the UN SDGs;
●Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) from Brazil for the initiatives of Green Bond;
●FUCAPE Business School from Brazil for its initiative on Project FUCAPE “120% Sustainable;
●Institute of Chartered Accountants from Pakistan for its initiative of Best Annual Sustainability Report Award;
●Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia from Philippines for its initiative on Mainstreaming Social Return on Investment (SROI) and Development Indexing (DI);
●National Bureau of Statistics from Nigeria for its initiative of SDGs Monitoring Framework for Nigeria;
●State Educational and Scientific Institution “The Academy of Financial Management” from Ukraine for its initiative of developing methodology for filling the report on payments to government and the form of the report on payments to government.